after care

Drink a little more water


Staying well hydrated each and every day is vital to our overall health. Our bodies are pretty good at regulating, distributing and processing all of the stuff we need to stay alive. It really likes water though. So, drink a little extra. You can also enjoy herbal tea, or eating more foods such as melon and cucumber which have a high water content. Really don’t like plain water? Mix it with some natural fruit juice. No complicated stuff here just sensible healthy habits.

Take it easy


Your body will be responding to the effects of massage after the treatment has finished. Vigorous massage or deep massage can effect the body in the same way as exercise, you may feel a little sore the next day. Your musculoskeletal system will thank you for giving it a rest. Likewise, if you have received a relaxing treatment, maintaining that relaxed state as much as possible will maximise the benefits of your treatment. Eat well and be kind to yourself. Watch a funny movie, take your dog for a gentle stroll, read a book or have an early night.

Avoid alcohol


Post massage treatment, you are more susceptible to the effects of alcohol. The general rule is that 1 drink = 2. You are more likely to become drunk, dehydrated, experience a headache or even be sick in a short period of time. You will also be undoing all of the good work that you have paid to receive. If you must attend a social event and plan on drinking alcohol, limit the amount sensibly, and consume water between each alcoholic drink.

Have support in place


Some types of massage, like other types of therapy work, can raise a person's self awareness. This can result in the recognition of unpleasant emotions such as fear, anger, sadness or anxiety. These feelings may be related to past trauma or current life situations. It's very important to have someone to be there for you. It's ok to ask for help. If you don't want to speak to family or friends, there are many organisations who can help and who I can direct you towards. You are not alone.

Get home safely


Do you suspect, or do you already know from past experience, that you become very tired after receiving a massage ? It is normal to feel a little tired, pleasantly relaxed and to experience a great night's sleep .. however ..feeling exhausted, teary, emotional or generally a bit 'spaced out' is also possible, particularly for people experiencing certain medical  conditions or dealing with traumatic experiences. If you're not sure, have someone meet you and accompany you home. Allow yourself time to sit and have a cup of tea, fruit juice or snack if necessary. 



If you have already been to see me for a massage, it is quite likely that I have discussed this with you. Stretching is a great way to maintain and increase flexibility and range of motion. Stretching also helps to prevent muscular tightness and pain from building up between appointments. Focusing on your body and your breathing as you stretch can also help to increase your body awareness, balance and co-ordination. Stretches should be performed slowly and safely. Anyone with an injury or long term medical condition should consult with their health care professional.

A video on self stretch techniques will be added shortly.