Corporate massage


Do you run a successful business? Do your employees sometimes feel tired, stressed or sore? Are they on their feet all day or sitting at a desk all day ? Do anxiety and fatigue adversely affect their working relationships or their personal life?

One of the things that I hear most from my clients is that even though they enjoy their job,  they can regularly feel 'tired' 'stressed' and 'sore' when at work. Many find it challenging to schedule time for a full appointment outside of working and family life.

This is a real shame, because after they have had a good massage treatment, report feeling more relaxed, focused and positive. 

Imagine if those feelings could be translated to the work place.

What that would that mean for you and your team? 

Better business?

Improved staff retention?

Happier people?

Have you considered providing a massage therapy treatment for your employees in the workplace?

Would you like to try it?

I can come to your premises (within the Edinburgh area) to provide effective, seated massage for you and your team.

Seated chair massage is a very comfortable and practical way of relieving tension and pain in the head, neck, back and shoulder area while fully clothed.

No need to get changed or climb on or off a massage table.

Hands or feet may also be massaged while sitting if preferred.

Prices and times

£40 per hour

1 hour = 4 people.

For sessions of 3 - 7 hours I will take a 5 minute break every hour - you are not charged for this time. 


Depending on the nature of your business, I can adapt hours to suit the needs of your employees for example starting earlier (from 8am) or finishing later (up to 10pm)

To provide an enjoyable and relaxing experience, I will require the use of    a staff room, meeting room, board room, or corner of a larger reception area  The quieter the better but we work with what we can. 

So long as it a space that I can set up for the agreed time and not get in the way of your day to day business.

As I am a small business, I currently only accept cash and kindly ask that I am paid at the time of appointment. 

It may be possible to arrange to be paid by bank transfer for clients who book on a regular basis.

Thank you.