Do I need to bring anything with me?

No. You do not need to bring anything with you to enjoy your massage treatment. 

Can I pay by card?

Yes, if visiting the Healthy Life Centre. No, if visiting Blue Morpho. Thank you for your understanding.

Do I have to undress for the massage?

I find that massage is best performed when you are wearing just your underpants. 

This includes the removal of jewellery and is for three main reasons ; 

1 Your comfort, tight trousers, belts, bras can become restrictive and uncomfortable, jewellery can dig into you as you lay or sit in a certain position.

2 There is a small chance that oil or wax will come into contact with clothing or jewellery.

3 The massage can be performed more effectively when the structures being worked with are clear of any objects. It is not possible to fully work the back, shoulders, arms or neck when bra straps or chains are covering the skin, muscles and joints.

Only the areas of your body being worked with will be exposed. The rest of you will be covered with towels, sheets and blankets to keep you warm, comfortable and secure.

If you do not feel comfortable with the thought of undressing, let me know.  Only remove what you are comfortable with. This will change your massage experience, however, it is important that you feel relaxed and at ease. I would suggest wearing loose clothing if this is the case.

Where can I park?

There is some on street pay and display parking in and around Broughton Street and there is parking at the Omni Centre which is around a 10 minute walk from the treatment centre. The tram stops at York Place which is a 5 minute walk away.

There is street parking around Bread Street also, which is just off Lothian Road and close to many bus routes.

I'm seeing another therapist, can I see you too?

Massage therapy compliments many other therapies such as CBT, hypnotherapy, physiotherapy, counselling, chiropractic, almost any therapy you can think of. It is important that you let me and any other therapist involved in your well being know which treatments you are receiving and why. In this way we can ensure that we are applying work that will help you, without hindering the work of another therapist. This is also relevant for any other health care provider such as an obstetrician or any consultant involved in the care of a medical condition.

Can I eat before my massage?

It is advisable not to eat for at least an hour before your massage appointment. You may end up feeling bloated and uncomfortable, and your digestion may be disturbed by the process of the massage.