neck, back and shoulder pain

Pain in the neck ?


Neck pain may often be caused by repetitive tasks such as looking down at a screen, typing, travelling for prolonged periods of time or clenching of the jaw. Massage of the muscles and joints surrounding the neck, upper back, shoulder girdle, chest muscles,  face and head can help to release tension, improving range of motion and decreasing pain. 

Back ache


Do you ever feel like your back is on fire? Or about to 'break' ? I have clients who have felt  this. I find that providing them with regular massage and stretches can help them feel much better. Pain may be experienced in the upper, mid, lower back or a combination of all three areas. Massage of the neck, shoulder, back and gluteal muscles can help to release tension, improve movement and reduce pain.

Weight of the world on your shoulders?


Shoulder pain, like neck and back pain, can be a constant drag or develop more suddenly. It can be the result of prolonged postural imbalances like hunching the shoulders, repetitive tasks at work or moving suddenly. I have found that my clients, who experience chronic shoulder pain, find relief from having deep tissue massage around the shoulder girdle, neck, arms and chest. Regular stretching and postural awareness also helps to prevent pain from recurring.