Notes on massage

Massage as a complimentary therapy

There are many tangible benefits to receiving regular massage therapy.

Research based practice has been and continues to provide us with new information all the time.

This is great news, as it means that massage may continue to be used as a natural way in which to help support our health as individuals and as a society.

The more recognition that massage therapy receives, the more widely it may be used.

As a committed massage therapist, I strive to update my knowledge and skills by attending regular ongoing training and accessing information provided by accredited researchers.

It is my desire to help you, help yourself, as much as possible.

notes for the client

As my client, I will do everything that I can to help you feel as good as you can in the time that we have together.

Just one massage therapy session can have significant results. 

Regular massage therapy sessions will have more of an accumulative and long term benefit for your health and well being.

Plus, they should be enjoyable and something that you look forward to. Not something you feel you ‘should‘ do.

If you are presenting with the effects of particularly long term stress and chronically held tension, it will probably take more than one session to work through your discomfort. 

Please also remember that some tightness in the muscles is completely normal. We all have a different ‘normal ‘ depending on our lifestyle, activity, age and health. 

If required, and if you wish, I will provide you with self care techniques that can help to support you between appointments. 

These techniques will likely be one or two stretches and / or some deep belly breathing.

Working together will optimise your experience and results.

I welcome questions via e-mail, and will respond as soon as I am available, usually outwith clinic times. 

In the mean time I wish you all that you need to maintain a healthy and happy life.