post natal massage



Post natal massage is generally considered as being performed 6 weeks to 1 year after the birth however many women visit after this time for additional physical and emotional support.

The treatment follows the same principles of holistic massage. 

I will ask you about your experience of pregnancy, birth, parenthood and about your lifestyle, health history and presenting symptoms.

Using a combination of massage techniques , stretches, thoughtful positioning and supports, I can tailor the treatment to suit your individual requirements in a nurturing and supporting environment. You may benefit from ; 


  • ease of physical aches and pains 
  • increased feelings of well being
  • a reduction in  anxiety levels 
  • improved sleep

Dad is of course welcome to make an appointment too.
Those baby carrying arms, baby gazing neck muscles and sleepless nights are deserving of some rejuvenating massage therapy.
Granny, Grandpa and baby sitters may also enjoy £5 off any one treatment when referred by an existing post natal client. (not to be used in conjunction with any other offer)