Pregnancy massage



Pregnancy massage is based on the same principles as holistic massage.

The treatment is tailored to your individual requirements.

In addition to your personal details, health history and lifestyle, more specific information regarding your pregnancy is required.

This information is requested with sensitivity and  respect, it is used  to provide you with the best treatment possible and is securely stored.

I will perform pregnancy massage throughout the first to last trimester assuming there are no known reasons not to. It may be necessary to liaise with your health care professionals.

Massage may be performed in a semi reclined or, most often, side laying position. 

Plenty of towels, cotton sheets, blankets, pillows and supports  are available to keep you comfortable. I will also provide you with a gown should you wish to use the wash room during treatment time.

I would recommend a 90 - 120 minute appointment for  pregnancy clients. In this way, a deeper sense of relaxation may be gained.

Work is gentle but firm. If you are used to receiving deep massage, please be aware that I perform pregnancy massage in a way that can release tension and ease aches and pains, but I will work to a lower pain threshold than you may be used to. This is to avoid stimulating the release of too much adrenaline into the blood stream. Firm but gentle massage can soothe sore muscles while promoting feelings of ease and deep relaxation.